Top CV Writing Tips

When applying for a job your CV needs to be the gateway to giving you the golden position for either an interview or the job. But, a lot of people struggle to get their CV right. At YSS, we see hundreds of CVs a week and provide tips on how they can improve theirs such as layout, font size the list goes on. Here are our tips for writing your CV:


    • Keep your CV updated it’s crucial that you don’t miss any new skills or experience that you may have gained previously such as managed a project.
    • Stick to only two sides of one sheet of A4 paper. If you go over this, you are putting too much information.
    • How much information is too much? Well, make sure everything is clear and concise by using the keywords
    • The key to a good CV is the presentation. Make sure your CV is in a well-structured layout a
      recruiters eye will naturally fall from the upper middle section.
    • Experience section is your big seller. This part needs to outline your previous jobs by listing them in chronological order from Present day.
    • Bullet point your key responsibilities, achievements and skill-set that you offer.
    • Education and qualifications should be listed in reverse chronological order include the name of institution, dates and grades.
    • Key skills: this is the part that should sell yourself to the employer by showing your abilities no more than five.
    • Use positive language throughout your CV remember this document is going to sell yourself to the employer and give you the boost for an interview.
    • Tailor your CV to the role you are applying for.
    • Check your Spelling and Grammar.
    • Cover letter to accompany your CV should be relevant to the job your applying for and not generic.
    • Aside from the cv itself – remember the jobs you’ve applied for.

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