The Manufacturing Sector accounts for 16.7% of our region’s workforce, employing 59,000 people. Manufacturing pays higher wages than the national average; the average weekly pay in the manufacturing sector is approx.17% higher than the whole economy average.

Manufacturing has an ageing workforce with a significant number of workers retiring in the next decade leaving a gap for younger people to move into the sector. 66% of manufacturers plan to recruit an engineering apprentice in the next 12 months. Overall the sector needs 750,000 science, technology and engineering professionals to replace those leaving the industry by 2020. Employment in the UK reflects these regional trends – employment within the manufacturing sector in the UK it’s at it’s highest in 15 years and means that salaries are on the increase.

From a regional perspective, the strongest part of the sector remains Food & Drink – the largest manufacturing sector in the UK, with 15.9% of total UK GVA, which is a sharp increase from 7.6% in 2016. We also have strong players in the traditional industries including Chemical and Pharmaceuticals as well as the Modular and Caravan Industry.

The following salary guide is offered in the context of this market. More specific benchmarking of individual roles is available complimentary– email