Changes to the GLA

YSS Managers attend a seminar at Wilberforce House in Hull to learn more about the imminent Changes to the GLA, which are coming into force Spring 2017. These changes will affect your permanent staff as well as any agency workers.

The Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) have reported that they will be known as the GLAA from Spring 2017.

The GLA work closely with government agencies to regulate recruitment companies who operate in the food chain. They protect vulnerable workers against exploitation and corruption and have the power to prosecute recruiters guilty of this. Yorkshire Staffing Services hold a GLA licence. For more information on the GLA, or to view our license, please see Our GLA Reference Number is YORK0003

You may be aware that following public consultation, and parliamentary evidence sessions from a wide range of stakeholders, the Modern Slavery Act 2015 determined that there would be a review of the GLA’s role and remit. This was commissioned through the legislative vehicle of the Immigration Act 2016 and following further public consultation, concluded that the GLA will evolve to become the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA).

As such, and enshrined within that Act, the GLAA will retain its licensing and regulatory function of temporary labour in the food and farming sectors but have a much broader role in terms of addressing labour exploitation across the entire labour market.

These wider powers will come into full effect in the spring of 2017 to ensure vulnerable workers are more effectively protected from being abused for their labour. This will include police style powers under the Modern Slavery Act (forced or compulsory labour), increased powers to search for and seize evidence, offences under National Minimum Wage, Employment Agencies as well as the existing Gangmasters Licensing legislation. This enhanced investigatory function will seek to protect all workers, regardless of employment status and will not, therefore, be merely restricted to temporary workers.

For more information on these changes and if they will affect your business please see