Benefits of Recruiting Through An Agency

Are you wanting to recruit new staff? But don’t necessarily have the resources too. Don’t panic a recruitment agency is a great way to recruit staff members both permanent and temporary. There are a number of benefits that you will receive from using an agency. Here at Yorkshire Staffing Services, we have come up with the best benefits you will receive. 


1. The ability to identify talent due to a database of talented individuals who may suit the position you are advertising. 

2. Recruiters have valuable knowledge on each candidate and how capable they are at work for your business. 

3. Recruitment agencies have extensive knowledge of specialised fields within a specific industry, learning about the employers’ goals enabling to source the ‘ideal’ candidate who can do the job. 

4. The benefit of using a recruitment agency is they can conduct interviews on an employer’s behalf. 

5. Recruiters have specialised knowledge of what it takes to work within a specialised industry, knowing the ins-outs.

6. Using a recruitment agency improves the quality of candidates in your recruitment process. 

7. Using a recruitment agency shortens the time needed to fill in an open position. 

8. A recruitment agency does all the hard work of going through a number of applicants to find the few ideal ones. 

9. A recruitment agency will run through expert screening and assess candidates they believe are best suited for the job. 

10. The company will save money recruiting agency worker, as they have a chance to see how the candidate will get on at work instead of hiring him/her herself.

11. It is quick and easy for the client and they don’t need to put much effort into it, just ring the agency and ask for…..

12. Recruiters can advise you on the salary and the packages in the specific field.  

13. Recruiters have access to a CV database to approach the candidates who are in work and would be interested to move for better reasons. 

14. Recruiters can obtain the references and ensure that the candidate has the knowledge required for the role. 

If you have thought of a beneficial gain that isn’t in our 14 benefits then comment on our posts on social media to let us know. Head over to our contact us page if you would like to discuss with our team on how we can assist you to recruit new staff members. Call us our head office on 01482 213570.